China-Europe FinTech Innovation Lab

The Chieftin Lab ("the Lab") is led by Professor Bill Roscoe. Chieftin stands for China-Europe FinTech Innovation. The Lab serves as an international financial technology R&D centre; a centre for top research talents in financial technology and a centre for the industrialisation of financial technology. It acts as a bridge enabling communication between top Chinese and European technological researchers. The Lab has already attracted a number of world-class scientists, and is becoming a centre for financial technological talents in China.

By taking internationally distinguished scientists as the fulcrum and the demand for technology by the booming financial industry in the Pearl River Delta, including Shenzhen, as the lever, the Lab will maximise these various resources at home and abroad. We see huge opportunities for research in applied cryptography and computer science leading to important innovations in the field of financial technology. Our motto is “Real Research for the Real World”.

Bill Roscoe

Message From Director

Top class academic research in areas that quickly bring a positive tangible impact.

There is tremendous scope for real innovation in technology in order to support new generations of financial and other transactions. We will pursue scientific research in computer security and related areas such as human factors and distributed systems with a view to developing IP that can be developed to support and secure the world's future transactions.

We are gathering a group of international experienced and early-career researchers in applied cryptography and other relevant fields to work together in this area and publish their work after patenting it, if appropriate. Chieftin Lab will offer a first class working environment and support mechanism. Working primarily in English, it will build strong links with the world-wide security research community.



Financial technology centre

The Lab is a centre for the development of financial technology. Its aim is to be at the forefront, providing technical support to the financial industry.


Incubation centre for financial innovation

The Lab is an incubation centre for the financial industry. Financial technology itself has great commercial value. The ethos of the Lab is to enable researchers to use their own talents to the full in areas applicable to financial technology and to support entrepreneurship.


Financial talent centre

The Lab is a talent centre of the financial industry. The Lab gives full play to brand advantage combining talent, projects, services, and capital; a "four in one" linkage strategy, attracting outstanding researchers from across the world to join and create the strategic high ground in this area.


Hub for domestic and international research cooperation

The Lab is a hub for domestic and international research. It will work with top universities and research institutions at home and abroad, such as the universities of Oxford, Peking, Luxembourg and others; the Lab will hold international academic conferences and forums on project cooperation connected to its locations.


Bill Roscoe

Professor of Computing Science at University of Oxford; Head of the Department of Computer Science (2003 – 2014); Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering; Fellow of the Academia Europeae and winner of a number of prizes. Bill has recently partially retired from Oxford to lead Chieftin Lab, but continues to research and teach there and to chair a number of Oxford Committees. He has been a Fellow of University College Oxford since 1983. Bill is recognised as a world leading authority on concurrency, automated verification and computer security. Under his leadership Oxford’s computer science department grew to being one of the largest in the U.K., ranked 3rd in the world by QS and having about 450 researchers (academics, research staff and research students). Bill has published 3 books, about 175 research papers and number of patents. Chieftin Lab will be licensing his portfolio of security patents from Oxford.

BangDao Chen

Bachelor Degree of Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, MSc and PhD of Computer Science from University of Oxford, postdoctoral researcher in the Security Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. His research focuses on decentralized identification and authentication, payment security and communications security.

Yu Wang

Master of Computer Science at University of Oxford, former chief production officer of Dangdang, responsible for promoting wireless products; former Baidu senior production manager, responsible for Baidu Phoenix and Baidu music and other projects; served as a senior consultant in Kotler Marketing Group.