Prof. Bill Roscoe FREng and Chinese Government Announced the Chieftin Lab

On June 5th, endorsed by Shenzhen Luohu Municipal Government, the China-Europe FinTech Innovation Lab (“the Chieftin Lab”) was announced during the Financial Technology Industry Development Forum, with Prof. Bill Roscoe, FREng, leading the lab as the director.

The announcement was made by political leaders of Luohu Municipal Government; Prof. Bill Roscoe, director of the Chieftin Lab; Dr. Bangdao Chen, deputy director of the Chieftin Lab; prof. Georg Gottlob FRS and Jifeng He, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences altogether at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Luohu, Shenzhen.

The forum attracted much attention from both Chinese and western societies. Experts from Oxford as well as other distinguished research institutes, including Prof. Cas Cremers, Prof. Peter Ryan, Prof. Ivan Martinovic, etc., along with various local entrepreneurs delivered speeches towards multiple cutting-edge topics in FinTech. At the end of the conference, guest speakers including Prof. Gene Tsudik expert in Computer Security, University of California, Irvine, and Prof. David Naccache, expert in cryptography, Ecole Normale Superieure participated international round-table discussions in some open topics. Including Prof. William Roth, University of Oxford; Prof. Jim Davies, University of Oxford; Mr. Christopher Autry, CEO of OxCEPT; Mr. Isaac Livne, Co-founder of CYDENFENSE, various Chinese and Western scholars, entrepreneurs, business executives and government officials participated the event. More than 500 people presented at the venue.

The lab’s establishment is aimed for Shenzhen’s development needs. The city is seeking to build a centre for talented people and FinTech business just like the London Canary Port. Therefore, the People’s Municipal Government of Shenzhen city is willing to initiate more forward-looking and supportive policies in the future, focusing on innovative technologies like digital currencies and blockchains. More communication and cooperation plans connecting China, Hong Kong and Western countries is emerging.

The Chieftin Lab serves as an international financial technology R&D center, an international center for talents of financial technology and an international center for industrialization of financial technology. As a bridge that connects the communication between top Chinese and European technological talents, the Lab has quickly attracted a number of world-class scientists, and is thereby becoming a place that gathers financial technological talents in China. The Lab will take the internationally distinguished financial technological talents as the fulcrum, and the demand on technology by the booming financial industry in the Pearl River Delta including Shenzhen as the lever, to utilize various resources at home and abroad, We see huge opportunities for research in applied cryptography and computer science to eat to important nnovations in Our motto is “Real Research for the Real World”.